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8 razões para ir de férias… e ser melhor no trabalho

Robert Locke, a scholar, expert and enthusiast in relationships and motivation points out a strategy to take a vacation and be more productive.

O trabalho é muito importante. When you like what you do, it’s even more important. But it is also important to know when to take a break, so as not to compromise everything that has been built up to that point. This is what Robert Locke, a scholar, expert and enthusiast in relationships and motivation, and author of the Problem Kids blog defends.

For this specialist, who uses analysis from various studies, 82% of small businesses whose employees take vacations are successful. What is the secret? Robert Locke explains:

1. Your office is not a place of inspiration. It is not possible to get inspiration or be creative when you are under a lot of pressure in the office, so vacation is advised. Leaving the office. Rieva Lesonsky, CEO GrowBiz Media said: “Holidays help us to change our vision, which can trigger an idea or creative thinking.”

2. Get out of your comfort zone. Delegate office tasks to others and take the opportunity to understand how everything works without your presence. You may be surprised when you see that no one has called you during the holidays, even in an emergency. “Without a vacation, we make droids into network steroids, even the president of the company,” says LexyFunk, CEO of Brooklyn Industries.

3. Think that your health will benefit. Because you will be able to sleep more, your mood will improve. Subject to less stress and anxiety, your heart will function better and the tension will go back to normal levels. Only advantages. That’s right, says Julie Jumonville, CEO of UpSpring Bab: “Holidays are extremely important. I always return full of energy and recharged, and some of my best inventions occurred on vacation or immediately afterwards because I left stress at the office.”

4. Give your brain a break. The brains are like sponges. They absorb everything to the point of saturation. But on vacation, new ideas and exotic views can strengthen brain connections and stimulate mental activity. Several studies show that emotional stability and mental relaxation after a vacation can put anyone at the “top of the world”.

5. It is mandatory to make a change. Robert Locke argues that you need to put an end to the idea that you are able to turn on and off whenever you want in relation to work. Several experts argue that our brain has a harder time disconnecting from work when you never rest.

6. Make friends, make new friends. When you are resting, you are likely to meet new people, even from the same areas you work on. If you are one of those who have difficulty hanging up, you can always, without the pressure of work, have new ideas, establish plans … but the ideal is to relax.

7. Know that you are expendable. If you own your business, you may find that the company survives while you’re on vacation. If employed, the same logic applies. There will always be people who do things in your absence …

8. Keep yourself happy and your employees too…Ernst & Young conducted a study that shows that those who take the most holidays achieve better performance results at the end of the year – 8%, according to the consultant. So forget the old maxim: more hours in the office = a lot of productivity. Taking a vacation is the recipe for good performance.