All About Online Sales: How To Get Started And Succeed!

Few companies can afford to neglect digital channels in 2022. Selling online is an excellent way to expand your customer base, reduce outreach costs, collect data to optimize your business and accelerate your company’s overall growth by automating processes. However, the start can be rocky when the right buttons are not pressed and important areas are overlooked.

It seems clear that the benefits of selling online far outweigh the barriers. Still, many people forget an important parameter: the competition. On the internet, geographic limitations are removed for the better or for the worse, making it possible for us to sell to anyone, just like our competitors. Indeed, the demand is maximum and there are aspects that cannot be neglected.

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Web Design

Not having your own website means being at the mercy of a platform to sell. It means you have to play by someone else’s rules and they can change at any given time. Thus, investing in web design is an excellent practice, as it will affect all other dimensions of the business. Your website will be the face of your brand and products, which further emphasizes the importance of good web design. This also includes good UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) practices so that the experience on the website is efficient, effortless and helps to promote your brand and your values. A good website is one that satisfies the needs of those who visit it and, therefore, will often be the difference between a sale and the search for an alternative.

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Once we have a website, we have to improve its performance and try to reach those who are interested in our products or services.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it’s about a set of techniques to optimize supply in relation to demand, especially on Google searches. This website optimization will improve the organic positioning of the brand, making the number of visitors greater and more adequate to the value offer. Among the examples of good SEO practices we can highlight the use of an adequate and detailed description of the products we want to sell and the production of relevant content for the target audience. Many brands have a blog to add value to their users, but also to increase the entry points on product pages, increasing the likelihood of selling. For example, if you sell laptop backpacks,you can create articles with tests on your backpacks, interviews with customers who use them on a daily basis, or including your backpacks on shopping lists tailored to the needs of specific users, such as consultants or university students.

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Email Marketing

Contrary to what many people think, email has not fallen into disuse. Even the younger generations use email on a daily basis and, therefore, this is a channel that cannot be underestimated. Email marketing campaigns are significantly cheaper than, for example, advertising, influencers or offline. Of course, we have the paradox of competition again: using email marketing as a channel is an easy way to reach many people, but all our competitors can do it. Being relevant in every email is one of the secrets to being successful. Another tip is to invest a lot in a good contact list so we don’t try to sell steaks to vegetarians, for example.

Creating a monthly newsletter or promotional mailing may not be a big investment!

Online Advertising

If you have recently launched your online store or if you want to run a campaign with impact and sales, you can choose to doonline advertising campaigns on channels like Google, Facebook, or other social networks.

Google Ads campaigns (previously known as Adwords) are a way to beat the competition at the time of search and also to display our offer in various spaces of the Google universe. This means that, through these campaigns, our website will appear above other results that are not running Google Ads campaigns, when a user searches for terms relevant to our offer.

You can also choose to create campaigns on social networks, with the aim of increasing your visibility and appearing to users whose profile matches your offer. Instagram and Facebook Ads campaigns are the most frequent, but virtually any social network, such as TikTok or LinkedIn, lives off advertising. They may be options that make sense to you, as they are not so crowded with other competitors, and also because they fit in with your audience.

Social Networks

The proliferation of social networks has brought brands closer to users. Because we want to be where our Customers are, we feel the need to create accounts in these channels. However, it is important to realize that just being present is not enough. We have to be relevant and consistent in the publication of content, to generate enough interest that some of these users move on to followers and currently… that is increasingly difficult. A channel like Facebook has a different audience and context than Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, so it is costly, both in terms of time and financial resources, to create original content on a short-term basis. Even if you resort to specialists, such as FuzeLift for the management of these channels, you will always have to play an active and relevant role, as these channels communicate in a personalized way and are very close to the users.

Content Marketing

We live in an age of content, andcontent marketing has the role of creating affinity between brand content and its target audience. People are inspired by stories, not products, so it’s up to brands to step into that role, and stand out from all the noise that exists online. Much of the content marketing that is done in 2022 is visible on social networks, which are assumed to be an excellent channel for interacting with potential customers. But your website can have its own area, with exclusive content that is then amplified on social networks or in your newsletters, optimizing the investment in original and relevant content.

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