Create your first Facebook Ads campaign in less than 15 minutes

The world is becoming increasingly digital and, nowadays, advancing at its pace, requires that we focus on the best digital marketing tools, to ensure that we can give our companies and professional pages a more authentic imprint and whose content effectively reaches more people. Giving this boost can be done in less than 15 minutes using the Facebook Ads tool. If you want to know how to quickly create your campaign, subscribe to the Clínica do Site newsletter and follow us on this article.

Oriented towards a visually appealing dynamic, social networks have been proving their usefulness as tools for individual or business promotion. For this reason, content marketing and web design professionals are increasingly focused on using the tools offered by this type of platform. An example of this is the possibility of making advertisements on Facebook, using the Facebook Ads tool.
Even if you are taking the first steps in the world of social networks – a situation in which you can also take advantage of the Facebook page management packageson our website – you will find that creating a campaign via Facebook Ads is very simple, being a possible process to be accomplished in less than fifteen minutes.
Today, that is the issue we’re looking at, to tell you what steps to follow in order to create a successful campaign on this social network.

1. Why use Facebook Ads?

Advertising on Facebook also means advertising on the most respected social network in the world. These ads can therefore help to take your publications further.
The creation of a solid digital marketing campaign, well structured and focused on the concepts of content marketing and web design, is the best strategy to ensure that you can take your business to more and more people.
This is a reason to advertise online on Portugal’s favorite social network … but it is not the only one. In addition, investing in promotion via Facebook Ads allows access to various features, where it will be possible to effectively analyse the results and segment the audiences. Through the provided tools, you will have the possibility to create a target audience, increasing the interaction with your publications and obtaining new leads.
The use of digital marketing via Facebook Ads is thus a unique opportunity to boost your business.

2. The steps for creating a campaign

A digital marketing campaign on Facebook Ads is quite easy to create and will have even better results if you trust the best professionals, subscribing to our services or your newsletters.
To start, when creating your campaign, you will have to stipulate which goals and people you want to reach. The planning of these two points will define who will see your publication, optimising the funds invested, and directing the publication based on the interests and the desired demographic profile.
Secondly, the creation of the campaign itself will begin. To do this, you must access the Facebook ad management tool (or, alternatively, click on the “promote publication” button under your publication). The first hypothesis mentioned will allow you to personalise the ad more easily. There are three types of ads depending on the intended goal: recognition (in this tool, ideal for building a brand, Facebook will estimate the number of people who will remember the ad for 2 days, using this value as a campaign indicator); consideration (ideal for ads that establish a relationship with other platforms, such as access to a given website, promoting interaction and response by the public. You will need to create and configure Facebook Pixel, so that there is interconnection between your Facebook account and your website); and conversion (geared towards online sales or visiting physical spaces, these ads are primarily aimed at increasing sales).
After defining the type of ad, it is also necessary to segment the audience, the available funds and the placement of the ads. At this stage of creating a digital marketing campaign via Facebook Ads, you must enter the desired demographic data, the placement of the ads (user feed, side column, suggested videos, etc.) and also the amount you want to invest in promoting your page or publication. The days and times the ad will be displayed in are also defined at this stage.
Web design is important and, therefore, the next step in this process is the definition of the texts and images of the ads, to ensure that it conveys the desired message in an effective way. As a rule, ads that have less than 20% of text in the images perform better, as do distinct images that bet on colors and distinct and appealing offers.
Finally, for the campaign to run as desired, it is important to optimise the results, by monitoring the process, namely with regard to the reach of the ads. The analysis of the statistics, as well as their comparison with the competition, is important so that you can make the most of the benefits of this social network.

3. Tips for a successful ad

The bet on digital marketing is always a good opportunity but, to ensure that it raises the standards of your ads and takes your content further, it is best to get to know the best strategies, following the trends and changes that are made throughout time. By subscribing to newsletters on this subject, you can stay informed, ensuring that you follow all the essential steps for the success of your Facebook ad.
In addition, the use of specialised services – like the ones we offer at Clínica do Site – can be the best way to create and manage your Facebook page and to ensure that the created ad has the best format and reaches the desired audience.
Always analyse the results of your campaigns to evaluate the performance of your ads and bet on promoting your online business.