In Portugal: Inbound Marketing or Outbound Marketing?

Let’s face it: the future is digital. Or rather, the present is already to a large extent and the future will be even more so. Like it or not, the Internet is already part of our lives and promises to totally revolutionise our daily lives. Marketing is exactly the same. Generating sales is no longer what it was.

It is in this context that terms like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), email marketing and content markerting are increasingly part of the jargon of professionals in the field. Nowadays, no company or entrepreneur who intends to make their projects successful can afford to ignore the power of these extremely valuable tools. This is because today’s consumers are very different than they were not many years ago, since in addition to being much more informed and demanding, they have an exponentially wider range of choices. Getting their attention requires a radical change of perspective.

This is where Inbound Marketing comes in.

Inbound Marketing Vs. Outbound Marketing

But after all, what does this type of marketing consist of and how does it differ from Outbound Marketing?

In very simple terms, we will say that Outbound Marketing corresponds to traditional advertising, in which the company advertises its product or service in a random and sometimes aggressive manner (for example, through television ads or pop-up windows on the Internet), trying to reach as many customers as possible. It is a marketing strategy essentially centered on the company.

It is a marketing strategy essentially centered on the company. This means that instead of trying to reach everyone, with a potentially large bounce rate, we direct our outreach efforts to an audience that will initially be interested in what we have to sell, which drastically reduces our chances of not getting results. This type of marketing is entirely customer-centric.

A typical example of this type of strategy is the dissemination of products and services through blogs, which is naturally associated with the aforementioned content markerting, that is, the production of content that meets the interests, needs and desires of the target audience. And can thereby enhance the purchase process. We can say that this is one of the pillars of Inbound Marketing, although there are others that we should not overlook.

Inbound or Outbound: how to choose?

We do not have a narrow view of this issue nor do we state outright that Inbound Marketing is the miracle potion that will solve your company’s problems. It is true that Inbound Marketing is less expensive and much more effective because people who come to us and not the other way around. However, it is a much longer process, requires in-depth technical knowledge and may not have as high a diffusion rate as Outbound Marketing, since in our country there is still a certain resistance to new technologies, at least if we compare it with the USA or even with the European Union(for example, research on the subject reveals that the Portuguese purchase less products and services over the Internet than their European counterparts). Even so, in terms of cost-benefit, Inbound Marketing is naturally at an advantage, since the fact of addressing only the public that is already interested in our product / service greatly increases the rates of return.

As with everything in life, there is no universal “recipe” for choosing the type of Marketing that is most suitable for your company. It all depends on what you want to achieve. But we can say that, given what we have explained above, the enormous advantages of Inbound Marketing largely outweigh its disadvantages. Even taking into account that the Portuguese market is nothing compared to the North American colossus, it is worth investing in this type of Marketing. The fact that your company is betting on digital when so many others are still reluctant to take that step will only bring you advantages because it puts you a few steps ahead of the competition.

Become a digital expert

If you are still thinking about venturing into this area, it is natural that you feel a little lost. In addition to being it essential to have knowledge of web design, you must know SEO techniques, as those are what will allow your website or blog to be well indexed in search engines, which increases the number of visits and consequently your income. You will also need to learn how to manage Google AdWords campaigns (the main online advertising tool) and to communicate with your customers via email in a personalised way and able to stimulate purchase (email marketing). For a non-expert in the field, this can seem like an insurmountable obstacle and in many cases lead you to give up on a project that had everything to work.

But don’t get discouraged. Our digital store has at your disposal all kinds of products and services that will support you in this adventure. The management of Facebook ads and AdWords campaigns, creation of images for Instagram, SEO analysis of the competition and creation / sending of newsletters with the frequency that you consider most appropriate (monthly, weekly or fortnightly) are just some of the many options available in our online store, all at an affordable price and with a quality level capable of giving your business the boost it needs to stand out. See also our Website Plans, which give you access to all the web design services you need to build a solid and striking online presence (including an exclusive design with the possibility of optimising for mobile phones and creating monthly content).

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In conclusion

It is never too enough to repeat that anyone who does not bet on the digital market will eventually be overtaken and that success in this area does not sympathise with amateurism. If you want to have a professional quality online presence you will need to rely on professional services and bet on marketing strategies with a focus on digital. At Clínica do Site you can find all these services with an absolutely exceptional quality-price ratio. At Clínica do Site you can find all these services with an absolutely exceptional quality-price ratio. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date and enjoy discounts on our online store. Take the first step to revolutionise your business!