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Types of personal data collection and purposes

RGB SPACES collects and processes personal data upon voluntary subscription, by the respective owners, of its newsletter.

Thus, by subscribing to the RGB SPACES newsletter, the data subject gives his express and unequivocal consent for his personal data to be used by RGB SPACES to send the aforementioned newsletter, which is intended to inform them about any products. , equipment and solutions sold by RGB SPACES within the scope of its commercial activity.

Subscribing to the newsletter is absolutely optional, being a free, specific, informed, unequivocal and exclusive option for the subscriber, based on his express consent, which may be withdrawn at any time.

RGB SPACES also automatically collects data, such as IP addresses, browser type, domain and access times of visitors to its website.

The data thus collected are not, however, capable of identifying the respective holder, but only the mechanism used to access the website.

The collection of such data is exclusively intended to enable an improvement of the service to be provided to the users of the site.

Types of personal data collected

RGB SPACES collects the following types of personal data:

E-mail (if it is associated with the data subject).

Security and confidentiality of personal data

RGB SPACES guarantees the implementation of appropriate measures, designed to keep your personal data safe from any accidental loss and safe from any improper or unauthorized access, alteration or disclosure.

Personal data are collected and stored in a database inserted in a password-protected system, with limited access and located in physical facilities subject to strict access control measures.

RGB SPACES also ensures that its website is equipped with adequate security measures to avoid, as far as possible, unauthorized access, theft, illegal modifications and the loss of personal data introduced there, proceeding with the constant search and implementation of measures. and additional security techniques that are within their reach, with a view to that end.

How we share personal and subcontracted data

RGB SPACES uses third-party subcontracting to manage its newsletter, using companies with adequate security levels and obliged to comply with RGB SPACES’ instructions on data protection.

Thus, RGB SPACES guarantees that any entity subcontracted by it will process the personal data of subscribers to the newsletter, in the name and on behalf of RGB SPACES with the obligation to adopt the necessary technical and organizational measures in order to protect personal data against destruction. , accidental or unlawful, accidental loss, alteration, dissemination or unauthorized access and against any other form of unlawful or unauthorized treatment.

Whenever requested for this purpose, RGB SPACES undertakes to provide newsletter subscribers with the identification of its partners who process their personal data on behalf of RGB SPACES.

Preservation of personal data

RGB SPACES will keep the personal data of the respective holders as long as they keep active their consent to receive the newsletter.

In case of opting for the end of subscription to the newsletter, RGB SPACES guarantees that the personal data of the respective holder will be immediately deleted, and cannot be used for any other purpose, except when there is express consent on the part of the same.

Ways of accessing, modifying, correcting and deleting your personal data
RGB SPACES guarantees, to the data subject, timeless and unconditional access to them, with a view to their verification, modification, correction and updating.

The data subject may also, at any time, object to the use of their data for the purpose of sending the newsletter.

The exercise, by the data subject, of any of the rights described in the previous paragraphs, or any other information to be provided regarding their personal data, must be carried out by means of a request addressed to the data protection officer appointed by RGB SPACES.

Contacts of the person in charge and in charge of the treatment:

RGB SPACES is responsible for processing the personal data collected within the scope of subscription to the newsletter, its contacts being the following:

Rua do Campo de Futebol, 270, office i, 2785-609 São Domingos de Rana
214 307 990

As responsible for the treatment, RGB SPACES has a data protection officer who is responsible for ensuring the integrity of personal data, as well as for the implementation and execution of technical and security measures in order to comply with its legal obligations in terms of data protection. Dice.

The data protection officer will also be responsible for receiving and responding to any request addressed by the holder of personal data.

The data protection officer can be accessed at any time by the holders of personal data, through the following contacts:

Rua do Campo de Futebol, 270, escritório i, 2785-609 São Domingos de Rana
214 307 990

Changes to this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

RGB SPACES reserves the right, at any time, to update or change this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.

Any change to the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy must be immediately communicated to the data subject, who must also be informed of where he can consult such changes.

Law and jurisdiction

The consultation and use of the website, as well as the subscription to the newsletter, are subject to the acceptance, by the respective users and/or subscribers, of this Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection.

Any question regarding the interpretation and compliance with the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy must be made using the legislation in force in the territory of Portugal, and, in case of dispute, the Portuguese courts will be competent.