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Infographics, or infographics, are a very immediate and effective way of presenting a large amount of information in a format that is easy to read and memorise and at the same time practical to share, as it is just an image or a link. Our team of designers turns content into a memorable graphic so that your users can easily share and link to your content.

The main blogs and newspapers use infographics to captivate their users and create an association to the brand immediately. Through this subscription we offer an affordable way to retain your users and find new ones including our infographics in your blog articles.

From: 249,00  / month

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  • Infographics created by professional and experienced designers
  • Infographics are framed with the visual style of your business
  • Option to do a review before publishing
  • We investigate information on the topics you indicate
  • Delivery of PDF and PNG files. Permission to reuse infographics in any promotional material for your company.
  • Your logo with good quality
  • Name and description of your business, what characterises it and differentiates it from the competition, etc.
  • Images of your business: Product images, images of customers and employees, other photographs for illustration
  • Thematic monthly calendar, with more or less detail to be tuned in, since the images are produced before the beginning of each month
  • Description of your target market
  • What is an infographic or infographics?
    It is an information presentation format with a preponderance of graphic-visual elements (photography, drawing, statistical diagram, etc.) integrated in synthetic texts and numerical data. Usually used as an illustrative complement to an article or post.
  • Do I need to provide the content?
    NNo, you just need to give us the monthly themes. We will find content and investigate data for the creation of the infographic. Alternatively, you can provide the final data for us to create the infographics.
  • Can I order just one infographic?
    Yes, to order just one infographic, you can order the service and cancel the renewal before the 30-day period.

Customer Testimonials

The Site Clinic is excellent, we have complete confidence in the team, the service is 5 stars, and the quality of the work is reflected in the results of our website in attracting new customers.
Andre Caiado - Contacto Atlantico
After 5 failed attempts with other website development companies/professionals, I was finally satisfied. They created a website that perfectly reflects our objective!
Filipe Martins - Power Foods
I have already purchased several services at Clínica do Site and I was very satisfied with the level of professionalism and promptness in responding to my requests. I strongly recommend it!
Fabiana Coelho - FLC Digital Consulting

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