About Us

How it all began

Fuzelift started as an experiment in the transition from a model of hourly services to proactive services without any hourly billing.

When we were still working with hourly packages, our clients would retract asking for features or changes, to not “waste” hours, except in almost mandatory situations.

We reviewed the hours used in each service and created digital marketing processes that allowed us to be agile and, above all, to assure an excellent return for our customers.

The experiment went so well that all our customers switched to this new model with extensive improvements and greater recognition of our service.

What drives us?

Having a customer retention rate above 90% is certainly a great indicator, but what drives us?

The DNA of Clínica do Site is based on the assumption that by combining creativity, technology, and an entrepreneurial mindset, we will achieve our clients goals – your goals!

We created well-defined and optimized processes for each service in our digital marketing store. We constantly improve them, which allows us to act (and not just react) to achieve these goals.

Because we know that the day-to-day life of a small business does not allow attention to every detail, we offer our digital marketing and website creation services as if we were part of your team.

We created a store of digital marketing services with full price transparency and website subscriptions to keep your digital presence fresh, secure and inline with your business goals.