Consulting Hours Package

In order to support current Customers with more specific needs, we offer a prepaid package of consulting hours, with the option of face-to-face meetings (in the Lisbon, Oeiras, Sintra and Cascais councils).

If you are not yet our Client, before contracting this service you must contact us, so that we can clarify the scope of it, and validate that it fits your needs. The needs that fit the services available in our online store are bridged by the respective services of our online store. These services include not only the participation of our team, but also (and mainly) efficient, tested and proven processes, as well as specialized software for their implementation.

349,00 1799,00 

Hire service

More information

  • Providing elements with extensive experience in Digital Marketing;
  • Real-time access to the time used in the hour pack;
  • Online meetings are only counted for the time spent in them;
  • Face-to-person meetings are counted for the time spent in them, limited to the number of trips of the contracted option;
  • Preliminary assessment of your needs;
  • If necessary, the access data to the tools that you want to make available to our consultants;
  • Durante quanto tempo posso usar as horas do pacote?
    As horas adquiridas não têm limite temporal, pelo que, enquanto tiver horas disponíveis, pode utilizá-las.
  • Posso contratar mais horas para além das apresentadas?
    Pode entrar em contacto connosco para combinarmos um pacote de horas de consultoria à sua medida.
  • O tempo passado em reuniões presenciais conta nas horas do pacote?
    Sim, o tempo despendido em reuniões presenciais é contabilizado no pacote adquirido, desde a saída das nossas instalações até ao regresso às mesmas. Os pacotes com reuniões presenciais têm um valor acrescido para compensar gastos inerentes às deslocações (combustível, portagens, estacionamento, etc.).

Customer Testimonials

The Site Clinic is excellent, we have complete confidence in the team, the service is 5 stars, and the quality of the work is reflected in the results of our website in attracting new customers.
Andre Caiado - Contacto Atlantico
After 5 failed attempts with other website development companies/professionals, I was finally satisfied. They created a website that perfectly reflects our objective!
Filipe Martins - Power Foods
I have already purchased several services at Clínica do Site and I was very satisfied with the level of professionalism and promptness in responding to my requests. I strongly recommend it!
Fabiana Coelho - FLC Digital Consulting

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