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Nothing helps to convert like a landing page specially created for a very specific action. Earn new leads that are totally targeted to a specific service, product or campaign. The creation of landing pages is especially recommended for tracking AdWords or Facebook ads and the cost of creating the landing page quickly dilutes in the return generated.

Send us the content to be displayed (text, images and / or video) and our team of specialists creates a fully optimised page to convert users into buyers. On the new landing page, a form will be built with the basic information you need to be able to track registered leads . Each registration will be immediately directed to the email address you specify.


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More information

  • A landing page specially created for your service, product or campaign
  • An optimised form for converting users
  • Optimised for mobile and desktop
  • Installation and configuration of the tracking or conversion code (Ex: Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, etc.)
  • Description of the main purpose of the landing page and fit with your business
  • Address (domain) where the new landing page will be located
  • Access to the hosting server (Ex: via FTP or CPanel) to install the landing page files
  • All text, images and video content (link to YouTube or Vimeo)
  • Tracking or conversion code
  • Can you do some kind of integration, such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, etc.?
    Yes, but you have to send us the code to include the respective integration form on the page, and formatting that form is not our responsibility.
  • How long does it take for the landing page to be built?
    The creation of the landing page takes about 3 working days after sending the contents. In this period we will optimise your content, create a design framed with your image and implement everything properly optimised for mobile and desktop. And testing!
  • Can you create the landing page on the platform I choose, such as WordPress, Joomla or another?
    No. The landing page is built in HTML and Bootstrap and the files will be uploaded to your accommodation.
  • If I only pay once and the files stay in my accommodation, how do I send the form by email?
    Submissions for form submissions – leads – are sent using the Formspree service, which is configured by us and is free up to 50 submissions per month. Caso tenha mais de 50 submissões tem um custo mensal. Conditions may change depending on the Formspree service – please see the link to validate the current conditions.

Customer Testimonials

The Site Clinic is excellent, we have complete confidence in the team, the service is 5 stars, and the quality of the work is reflected in the results of our website in attracting new customers.
Andre Caiado - Contacto Atlantico
After 5 failed attempts with other website development companies/professionals, I was finally satisfied. They created a website that perfectly reflects our objective!
Filipe Martins - Power Foods
I have already purchased several services at Clínica do Site and I was very satisfied with the level of professionalism and promptness in responding to my requests. I strongly recommend it!
Fabiana Coelho - FLC Digital Consulting

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